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In the beginning MB Productions started at onehub, click the picture to the right and arrive at the work shop for clients.  Onehub offers a great file sharing media with storage and file transfer that is secure and safe give them a try, their whats  Right With the Ship.

ALWAYS ENJOY THE SHOW,  I’m here to assist in any film production for business and family needs. Also for business we’ve created the Business Hub where you are running the Show, a booth if you will to present your image in today’s Social Media Market a platform with interacting sites and video play that forms a new web within the web.

MB Productions has teamed up with ULBERT ENTERPRISES for your advertising needs in broadcasting  radio, cable, television and social media networks we are making advertising affordable.  So you say your on a tight budget, who isn’t that’s why I’m here for I’ve gone through many sources and assembled a fine team of individuals who enjoy their work and put feeling into it or I’m not sold.

Thanks for your interest,

Mark BrewerMB Productions     mbproductions1@yahoo.com

                           Come on in and Stay a While: 

Fellow stops in at ice cream parlor the door strikes the bell-ringer above the door, looks around and notices a few people sitting while a gal behind the counter is wiping down a tall soda fountain glass and he decides to sit down. The lady behind the counter asks, so how you doing? the fellow says “it’s tough out there” the gal replies I get a lot of that these days, so what will it be one scoop or two? Ever notice the good feeling while eating ice cream? like chicken soup for a cold.

Mark Brewer-MB Productions


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91 responses to “MB Productions Msb 1959’s Blog

    • Thanks BA, after all it should be known you suggested Eva Cassidy Over the Rainbow that was a great request.
      That was a tough vid to do and had no idea where I was going with it but once you watch it you know where Over the Rainbow goes.



  1. As I told you after watching the Eva Cassidy video Over The Rainbow.It brings me much peace and calm after a long and hectic day I have watched it over many times.
    I use it when I feel stressed.

    It also was my mother’s favorite song when I watch and listen I can feel her near which is very comforting.
    The Tribute to Louis Armstrong is another great one.This is what this world needs at this very depressed time, we need to care about one another not just ourselves help our neighbor and this would be a much more pleasant world to live in.
    Thank you for for putting a smile on my face threw your work and may you find much peace and happiness doing it.

    Thanks Shorty


    • Thanks Shorty, and Yes Sir that’s why I’m here it’s all about moral and the feelings we have inside for the ones we lost along the way and certainly the ones we shear time with today.

      Your comment is strong and I will do my best to keep pace on what makes us happy that’s’ all I care about today, statues what is Right With The Ship and you sir are a prime example.
      God’s Speed,


  2. Favorite vid is Ladies & Gentleman. Keep crankin’ ’em out Markie Boy… And don’t forget, submit, submit, submit to the search engines. At least twice a week. You can even go as often as once a day.



    • Thanks Doctor,
      For taking time out to mention your diagnoses of DRAGGIN’ A LINE, kind da like taking time out until you can get there.
      I’ll keep fishing here and try to come up with some more catch.


  3. You are getting better at this all the time.
    Keep it up man.
    Remember lead with your heart,and your convictions and morals will always be there to back you up with reinforcements.


  4. Just watched native spirit. i really sense the honor in your heart for those who were the original people caring for this land–our ancestors–and those who continue to live in the tribal way and do all they can to preserve what was good there, even with all the difficulties.


    • You are welcome Jane and yes you caught me this does live in my heart and soul we all need to help one another through good times and bad.
      Thank you for your comment on the vid I felt that.


  5. I would like to add something today 12/01/10

    That the development of this blog is for US the ship were on and she is sailing in tough waters.
    We as a people of this planet need to set aside differences and sit on the fence with an open mind.

    My meaning here is simple, sitting on one side or the other (meaning yes or no) makes a person one sided if you look at the big picture (sitting on the fence) you see both sides and it will help you better to understand and make a wise decision.

    All I ask is that you read the content here of the many subjects make a comment good or bad, rate the topic I’ll post it.
    If you have a plug added with your comment to your site so be it, this is simply people working with people.

    We need to start at home in our neighborhoods, business and for what ever flag you are under I’m just like you.

    Keep an open mind and help, humanity will steer in the right direction. Reason being humans are the only creatures that can alter their future in which will change their history.
    You make that choice everyday.

    What’s Right With The Ship,

    Mark Brewer-mb productions

    Merry Christmas and Peace to Mankind.


  6. This page appears to recieve a large ammount of visitors. How do you get traffic to it? It offers a nice unique spin on things. I guess having something authentic or substantial to say is the most important thing.


    • Good Morning Baby Care 8,

      Thank you for commenting and also notice all the ones who take the time to respond have much to offer. With you folks and I do mean all of you this is becoming a one stop shop and is helping social life and business in the right direction. Some if not many would call this spam but I remember one time looking at the sites people post here and noticed good business.

      Mark-mb productions


  7. Focus Pro,
    Ницца человек сайте вы мой первый сайт аудио высокой конец поста.
    Лучший Всегда
    Марк мб производств


  8. Автор, а у вас никто записи не тырит? А то у меня заколебали уже – копируют и копируют. И главное, что даже ссылку никто не удосужится поставить.


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    • I’m glad to see you understand and for the simple fact people need to participate makes the world go around.
      My theory, You help me I help you if business is legit? and not screwing people welcome aboard.

      Right With The Ship

      Mark-mb productions


  11. Кому не трудно подскажите как настроить закладки в профиле, а то что то е получается ?


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    • Sevareid’s work during World War II, with Edward R. Murrow as one of the original Murrow’s Boys, was at the forefront of broadcasting. He was the first to report on the fall of France and the French surrender to Nazi Germany in 1940.

      Every now and then you present me with a brilliantine comment. 🙂
      This I appreciate, keeping with topic and Thanks.

      Mark mb-productions


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