Wai Hope Organic Skincare

Advanced Science Meets Innovative Organic, Holistic Formulating:Vincene’s, Hope in a Jar story, has taken her to seeking so much more than selling people skin care to bring vitality and beauty to their complexion. Her innovative, forward thinking and exploring ingredients with creative organic delivery systems could indeed be the inroad breakthrough that is needed in a more holistic approach to conquering or preventing cancer.

The ingredients she has developed from using the Callophycus Serratus Red Fijian Seaweed along with the other red, brown and green seaweeds collected from around the world has clinical evidence that the properties in her proprietary blend is utilized by the cells and this is showing epidermal chromosomal DNA responding with significant signs of telomere lengthening at the end of the seventh day of treatment with her IRC Delivery System of the proprietary WAI Restructured Water of which the WAI Hope products are formulated with.

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