The Best We Have

You get to go through the drive through:

I mentioned in The Winds of Change if you have ever had the opportunity to speak with one of the WWII vets you would feel what these Men are about.  The hits on this video stand at only 18,000 well now lets help that grow so the individuals on this rock who think they are a tough guy could not hold a candle to Private Cecil Clevenger of  The US Army, AIRBORNE 503rd.

I can remember my father talking to me about war where as you are cold, hungry and wet all the f-ing time. My meaning here is as you watch and listen to Private Clevenger and at times he looks right into the camera at you! Private Clevenger was in the service for 2 yrs. 5 mo. and 26 days he was in battle for 18 mo. straight with no Re leaf and experienced combat up until a week before he came home. I’m asking you of 16min. and 7sec. to listen of Private Clevenger’s story.

So for the ones in our society who go against the grain of what Private Clevenger represents and what he sacrificed for you to go through the drive through, I believe time is running out.  Because people who did not know of such Men as Private Clevemger can feel this Man, as to the school yard bullies which this is all you are meaning once alone your like a limp dress no form.

Pride, Respect and Honor is the highest point which any individual can carry themself.  What have you done for any thing or anyone that helped it along its way?  With this we will see the way to where the strong are just the weak secure and the peace preserved.

Thank You Private Clevenger,

I hope I’m worthy for the air I breath,  which you made possible.

God’s Speed Sir.

Mark-mb productions

Video is posted by U Tube user soyvot great pick friend.


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