Greatest Show on Earth Challenger

Well now this has got to be the greatest come back story of all time.

Just the name alone, Challenger represents the drive and courage that is in each and every one of us you don’t have to be from this country in order to feel that.

The story here marks a mile stone for us the Bald Eagle (Challenger) was blown from his nest in a Louisiana storm and lets just say so you can feel to be a part of this that some humans cared for this creature and Challenger himself performed like the Little Engine That Could. A story about optimism and hard work a metaphor for any ones dream and was written in 1906. The popular version by Arnold Munk  in 1954 which you might know push this little guy of 5 weeks old to the top of the food chain.

This bird just might bring you closer to what it is to be humane so we can pull out of this shit that’s going on and get back on track to what is good and right with the ship. I’m noticing some changes, this takes time but the reminder here is you feel this and with that it will grow so we can remove the Jack Wagons that go against the grain. When your against an opposition and all odds are against you time is an important factor, meaning if time is on your side the odds are in your favor because every thing has an life expectancy.  So don’t let up for there will be many doors to go through that will lead  in the right direction toward  what is right.

The theme here is I think I can and  I know I will.

Happy 4th of July my friends, this bird is a gift lets open it and use it.


Video uploaded by U Tube user- BaldEagleInfo



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