The Space Shuttle (Narrated by William Shatner)

Atlantis goes up with 4 Astronauts today weather permitting  and with no Shuttle back up for the first time.

God’s Speed Atlantis

CAPE CANAVERAL – She’s been in space 32 times since 1985, and orbited the earth 4,648 times.

But like the Greek letter Omega logo for the space shuttle Atlantis reflects – this is the end of the Atlantis, and the last of NASA’s 30-year space shuttle program.

The space shuttle Atlantis is scheduled for a 11:26 AM liftoff, weather permitting. (she’s up) After days of relentless rain, the skies cleared Friday morning, apparently clearing the way for an on-time launch.

“We do have a shot at this today,” Flight director Mike Leinbach said, although officially the weather report showed a 70 percent chance of postponement.

Tanking took place during the night, despite earlier lightning which threatened the key step in the mission.

On this final voyage, Atlantis will carry a year’s worth of supplies to the international space station. The payload includes everything from a cell phone to a new ammonia pump to replace a broken one at the station.

The mission will also send a robotic refueling mission, an experiment designed to test tools and technologies to robotically refuel satellites in space, NASA said. It will take 12 days to carry the 8,000 lbs. of supplies.

Hundreds of thousands of people already began gathering before dawn Friday in public areas to view the last launch.

Check out the post here of Atlantis for more details- Atlantis in HD
Video uploaded by NASA TV
NASA we are all riding with you and to see you back on the Pad soon.
Shuttle the Planet’s Mechanical  Bird, helped 15 countries and parts from 48 states in America.
Mark-mb productions

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