Atlantis Launches on Historic Mission

Final launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis marks historical era in NASA’s space program.

For the first time since Alan Shepard made his historic flight aboard the Gemini Mercury program in the 60s NASA has no spacecraft capable of carrying astronauts. After Atlantis reached low orbit yesterday flight director Michael D Leinbach said the flight control team stayed in place to savor the moment. “It’s very emotional a lot of good friends and colleagues are leaving,” said Angie Brewer, the flow director for Atlantis who oversees all its preflight preparations.

“But it’s like that Dr. Seuss quote: Don’t cry because it’s over smile because it happened.” A lot of people at NASA have this quote hanging in their office, Brewer said.

NASA is still working on its next manned spaceflight program which is targeting deep space. I guess will have to see where NASA goes from here but you know this is not over just a turning of a page in this great and inspiring space agency, that all of us have watch cheered,cried and felt as many spacecraft have passed the tower and raced toward the heavens. Will be there again for the countdown looking skyward for I know of no industry like NASA that has brought so many people together where for yourself you feel apart of it too.

We are apart of every ride Thanks NASA,

Mark Brewer     


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