The Last Shuttle Crew Addresses Kennedy Space Center

Wow!  Great ending: 🙂

I watched this and thought man this is the most Right With The Ship we have today and the people behind the Shuttle Program that made this happen, yeah I’ve got a lump in my throat. This is the best example of people working together on the planet that you can think of, 48 states producing parts and service and 16 country’s involve in the ISS (International Space Station) because of a space craft.

The Shuttle is in the history books now and I believe no other ship will bring a community of states and nations closer than this Bird has. Walking away from Atlantis gives all of us a sense of Pride, Respect and Honor (Did you feel that Jack Wagon the name I give to the ones who go against the grain in society this moment is not for you) this moment belongs to all who work on creation that helps others.

There is a good photo op at the end of the vid The Atlantis looks very proud you will see that.

Video uploaded by NASATV


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