Alexander Cherepanov- Recollection

From Russia in eastern Siberia in the city of Chita and we have some viewers here from Russia, introducing your native son Alexander Cherepanov.

Chita City Info:

Chita (52 degrees of northern latitude, 113 degrees of eastern longitude), a regional center, is located to the east from Baikal lake, in the south-east corner of Siberia on the border with Mongolia and China. The distance from Moscow is approximately 6000 km (6 time-zones).

The population of Chita city was 367,500 in 1994. The area within city limits is 47,400 hectares; the area of Chita region is 431500 sq. km. The city is located at the inflow of Chita river into Ingoda river. Chita is a large transport center of the Trans-Siberian railroad. The city is known as a settlement Ingodinskoye Zimovie since 1653, as a town – since 1686. Today Chita is considered the capital of Transbaikalie – a region stretching southeast of Lake Baikal and covering a territory equal to France and Belgium added together.

Located at the confluence of the Chita and Ingoda rivers, the city is surrounded by beautiful forests. The famous mineral springs Darasun, Kuka and Molokovka are only several kilometers away from Chita and with a number of resorts and tourist camps built around them they attract people from all over Russia. For a time, closed to foreign visitors because of its proximity to the Chinese border and its military industry, Chita is now an attractive spot for those traveling on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Visit Alexander when your there in the mean time watch his U Tube channel MrALEXanderCHER


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