Alexander Cherepanov: song Owl Car

Meet Alexander Cherepanov:

hello sir!
My biography is very simple … I am an ordinary guitarist who lives in Russia in eastern Siberia in the city of Chita.

This message is from Alexander a Fingerstyle Guitarist and Author of musical compositions. I was introduced by this gentlemen in a e-mail an invite if you will from the U Tube family network of Friends, a way in which we find one another and sometimes but not always, some real talent comes along.

In today’s world finding what is Right with The Ship we are on is a tough subject I crawl to the depths and seek high for material that will move you inside so we can band together and help one another. In my mind it is not often enough for material to surface like the music Alexander brings to the stage where you can feel this and wonder who is this guy?

From his message above just a man someone like you or me, I had asked him for his bio so I could post it here well this is a very modest man to say the less for this is all he wrote.

Welcome aboard Alexander, Right with The Ship

Mark-mb productions: Enjoy the next couple of vids here from Alexander three in a roll.

Visit Alexander’s channel on U Tube MrALEXanderCHER


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