Traffic Jams? More Coming- Chris Rea The Road to Hell

We need to take to the air soon!

I was looking into this today and hit a brick wall. I’m not going to give you several links on what I found because there is no end in sight. I watched Bill Ford’s video and cried, fuel efficiency? how the hell is that going to change congestion good for the planet but your still bumper to bumper. Smart cars that tell you when a backup is occurring ok what about the other 20,000 cars behind you all of a sudden the alternative routes are grid locked.

Information traffic light?

Korean design and development studio psychic factory, proposes a system that is modeled on the standing style of traffic light. After turning red, the light swivels its LED displays to project news headlines and useful information such as the weather or time. Shortly before turning green, the display switches again, and the device returns to functioning as a normal traffic light. This way time is not wasted while waiting. Oh great like you need this, let see you have your iPod, gps, radio and a passenger next to you but your wasting time being unproductive at a red light.

So the traffic light is going to inform me of todays news and or info I did not already know? You can be sure if this comes here you can already hear the guy behind you beeping and several cars behind him because their stopped but can’t read it, only the cars up front can, come on I’m looking at the photo and I can barely read it. Also there is a concept out there where the light signal will communicate with the vehicle in advance of engine shut down and starting again in order to save you fuel. Ah I’m getting a new bicycle.

OK build more roads, now wait a minute look at Los Angeles huge open highways their frickin packed you give us more room will fill it up just as fast. So you get on public transit this just makes room for another vehicle who wants to be out there like a new licence driver not his or her fault we were all there and more coming each year. The world is exploding with population (total population of the World, projected to 08/18/11 at 03:24 UTC (EST+5) is 6,956,209,135) and this puts more cars on the road every day.

Total number of vehicles in the USA:

According to the US Bureau of Transit Statistics for 2008 there are 255,917,664 registered passenger vehicles. Of these, 137,079,843 were classified as automobiles, while 101,234,849 were classified as “Other 2 axle, 4 tire vehicles,” presumably SUVs and pick-up trucks. Yet another 6,790,882 were classified as vehicles with 2 axles and 6 tires and 2,215,856 were classified as “Truck, combination.” There were approximately 7,752,926 motorcycles in the US in 2008.

According to cumulative data by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)the number of motor vehicles has also increased steadily since 1960, only stagnating once in 1997 and declining from 1990 to 1991. Otherwise the number of motor vehicles has been rising by an estimated 3.69 million each year since 1960 with the largest annual growth between 1998 and 1999 as well as between 2000 and 2001 when the number of motor vehicles in the United States increased by eight million.  Since the study by the FHA the number of vehicles has increased by approximately eleven million, one of the largest recorded increases.

The largest percentage increase was between the years of 1972 and 1973 when the number of cars increased by 5.88%.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the resident population of the United States, projected to 08/18/11 at 03:36 UTC (EST+5) is 312,011,860  that means 56,094,196 do not have a licence yet, to old to drive and or can’t drive.

The only space available is above you and the sky is the limit all the room we need. Now the technology is there but expensive and it won’t be any time soon because it is not safe for all to fly the crashes would pile up. You won’t be taking to the air soon until the family car can fly itself.  Now that’s a drag for flying is not difficult and a lot of frickin fun, learn to land and your good to go. But todays aircraft is for long runs not a short drive to work or the local food mart so we are stuck on the ground, milling around like ants until the family car can take to the air and maneuver around the parking lot. Like in this song it’s a road to hell look at all that traffic!

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