Tool – Stinkfist

What is the limit here:

Man this video Stinkfist by Tool is out there and that’s why I chose it, how much are you going to take?

I was going through a list of scientist, professors,  scholars, theorist, authors and people like you and me to come to an answer and or conclusion to what the hell is going on in society.  Life is speeding ever faster are you keeping up? are you happy?  From the first cell creature that swam the oceans to our very existence time is now weighing in on society and it is running right up the anal sphincter.

I hear this from all sides every day see it in the news on the web in the hood and that’s why I choose to do business different to where it is affordable where you count, meaning if you don’t grow I don’t grow.  A wise man once said it will not be the majority that prevails it will be a tireless irate minority that is keen to set  brush fires in the minds of men that will prevail.   I’ll add to this, anyone got a match?

The world herself is nearing its carrying limits that can support life as the population grows so does the demand for resources to the point it will bring war for what is left just look at oil.  Time is going to be the test for all of us and time we got together to work it out,  there is going to be a limit to what you can take.

Tool Site

Video Uploaded by U Tube user Lluminari


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