Monty Python – Execution in Russia

Monty Python’s Flying Circus:

Time-Life Films had the right to distribute all BBC-TV programs in America, however they had decided that British comedy simply would not work in the U.S.A. Therefore, it was not worth the investment to convert the Python shows from the European PAL standard to the American NTSC standard, which meant PBS stations could not afford the programmes.

Finally, in 1974, Greg Garrison, TV producer for Dean Martin, used couple of Python sketches (“Bicycle Repairman” and “The Dull Life of a Stockbroker”) on the NBC series ComedyWorld, a summer replacement series for The Dean Martin Show. Payment for use of these segments was enough to pay for the conversion of the entire Python library to NTSC standard. At last, they could be sold to non-commercial TV stations, where officially they began airing in October of 1974 — exactly 5 years after their BBC debut.

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