Godsmack – I Stand Alone

You might seem alone to others but your intentions are good you’re never alone a little help from a friend.

I would like to add something today 9/10/11

That the development of this blog is for US the ship were on and she is sailing in tough waters.
We as a people of this planet need to set aside differences and sit on the fence with an open mind.

My meaning here is simple, sitting on one side or the other (meaning yes or no) makes a person one-sided if you look at the big picture (sitting on the fence) you see both sides and it will help you better to understand and make a wise decision.

All I ask is that you read the content here of the many subjects make a comment good or bad, rate the topic I’ll post it.
If you have a plug added with your comment to your site so be it as long that it is in good taste.  This is simply people working with people.

We need to start at home in our neighborhoods, business and for what ever flag you are under I’m just like you.

Keep an open mind and help, humanity will steer in the right direction. Reason being humans are the only creatures that can alter their future in which will change their history.
You make that choice everyday.

This vid projects a great quality in human existence the power with in, is to succeed.  Like all of us on this rock you might seem alone when standing there but have you ever wondered how you were to progress even though all odds were not in your favor. Between Cowboy logic and the Indian spirit, help comes in many forms and size.  Like the Black Scorpion that stings this rider is a little help from the power of a thousand generations to push through.

Now is the time to push forward by working together, me helping you, you helping me will only create a more solid platform on which to build.  The me me world is no longer appreciated it has caused too much corruption and greed. I feel the only way to push forward is to help build  confidence in which you can feel and the meaning here is if you don’t grow neither will I.    

What’s Right With The Ship, it starts with you and you alone.

Video uploaded by U Tube user  

Mark Brewer-mb productions


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