Wakan Tanka Vision

          Sioux Religion

The Sioux regards the universe as ultimately incomprehensible, life, growth and death a mysterious and suggestive of powers difficult to understand. Since time itself is regarded as non-casual and does not embody nations of change and progress.

Nothing in the universe can be considered inevitable. This incomprehensibility and unpredictability of the universe where anything difficult to understand is called Wakan. Which connotes the animating force of the universe. The total of which is Wakan Tanka. Wakan Tanka is the total sum of personified powers that brought all things into being. Sometimes it is embodied by the Six Grandfathers.

Human kind itself formed and emerged from the womb of Mother Earth as did the buffalo. Every thing has its own spirit but all shall share the same spiritual essence that is Wakan Tanka.

So it is the most important aspect of personality that is shared by everything in the universe. Other beings often shared their knowledge with humans or provided aid in time of crisis and so came to be thought of as people. The observance of the human like characteristics of these people led to the development of kinship with them. At birth one receives from Takuskanskan a guardian spirit and the life breath or ghost which comes from the stars. At death these return to the spirit world.



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