Asteroid News from NASA’s WISE Satellite Headlines the Latest Episode of This week at NASA

NASA Update:

A sky survey conducted by NASA’s Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE satellite, has found there are fewer asteroids in Earth’s vicinity than previously believed and that NASA has already found more than 90% of 1 kilometer asteroids that are near Earth.

The news briefing held at NASA Headquarters in Washington on Sept. 29 also revealed that WISE has provided more accurate estimates of asteroid sizes for research.

Deputy Administrator Lori Garver delivers keynote at Space Launch System Industry Day; flight teams compete for the title, most fuel-efficient aircraft in the world, James Webb Space Telescope gets a new coat and more. Watch the full video 34 min. on Wise where are these  asteroids.

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Prophecy On Tiny Tim Geithner

Prophecy on Tiny Tim Geithner tip-toeing through European Union New World Order tulips fulfilled! Your just what we need George The Lord’s Drill Sarge. True Heart, True American, No Fear!

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Update Washington D.C. Earthquake Prophecy Fulfilled

President Obama’s 1967 Israel’s border for Palestinian State is God’s judgement for Washington D.C. earthquake! The Lords army. Thanks for that George you have a good heart the best part.

Bless you and Betty,

Someone added a comment and said he sounds like a Drill Sarge and George mentions The Lord’s Army he’s talking about you.

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