Fum & Gebra

Fum & Gebra, two stars in the open country a special couple. Fum is a lovely black cat and Gebra a kind barn owl. This bird of prey flies far away but lands everytime near Fum, its faithful friend. Fum and Gebra have one year of age and have known one another for a month. (comment of the owner)

Wall Street could have learn a lot from these two!

Song: “Deixa’m dir una cosa” by Sopa de Cabra.

Lyrics translated: ( this is as close as I could come to translating Catalan)

Do not look.
Because both correspond?
You have too quickly,
Look around.

You have nothing to lose
Make your pace
Not to think so.
What you proteigeixes?
‘ll Be costing.

Always waiting for better times,
You may have already arrived.

Hey let me tell you something:
You are much more important, it seems to me.
The world was spinning,
Everything will always be changing, you need not suffer.

Everyone speaks
Of good and evil
Too many words

Find your center
And the world alone
Begin to spin.

Find Answers.
Make it you asked?

Hey let me tell you something:
You are much more important, you need to hear.
The world will sometimes
Everything is always changing, you need not suffer.

Up and down,
Climb and low, never ends,
You can not stop.

Find a good place to land
O ho not explain.

Video uploaded by U Tube user


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