Flying Monsters 3D

David Attenborough has produced dozens of shows and books about how plants and animals live. But his latest, Flying Monsters 3D, takes a look at creatures that have been extinct for around 65 million years—pterosaurs, or flying reptiles—and examines why they may have evolved to fly.

Sir David Attenborough really needs no introduction. He’s been your guide for 50 years, showing and explaining the natural world around the globe. He got and gets to go everywhere. You’ve seen “Life on Earth,” “The Private Life of Plants” or “Planet Earth.” Now in a new big-screen film, he’s dialing back the clock, showing us fossils and 3-D renderings of creatures no one has ever seen.

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US THEATERS- Now Playing Flying Monsters 3D

Birmingham, AL McWane Center
Los Angeles, CA California Science Center
Indianapolis, IN Indiana State Museum
Jersey City, NJ Liberty Science Center
Portland, OR Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Hampton, VA Virginia Air and Space Center
Opening October 25, 2011
Hastings, NE Hastings Museum
November 4, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT Clark Planetarium
January 27, 2012
Denver, CO Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Lubbock, TX Science Spectrum
March 1, 2012
Dallas, TX Museum of Nature & Science
April 7, 2012
Hartford, CT Connecticut Science Center
May 25, 2012
Davenport, IA Putnam Museum of History and Natural Science
June 1, 2012
San Diego, CA San Diego Museum of Natural History

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