Raw Footage: Nemesis’ Record-Breaking Flight

July 30, 2008 – Pilot John Sharp makes 4 passes in his attempt to break C1-b 3 kilometer speed record.
(356 mph)

From the Nemesis site

2009 was the most successful year of many successful years of racing for the Team. The Team closed out its pylon racing career with an impressive “Record a Day, and 2 on Sunday” performance that electrified Reno and Aviation world.
The Team and the “Pink Rocket” Thundefbolt powered Nemesis NXT set a new record each time it flew on the course.

9/15/2009 Nemesis set a new Qualifying record blistering the course at 412.051 MPH
This record was faster than the Unlimited racers: Rare Bear, Argonaught,, Miss America, Sawbones, Merlin’s Magic, Bad Attitude, Lady Jo, Speedball Alice, Sparky, Polar Bear, Sneak Attack, American Beauty Parrothead, Race 24, Air Biscuit, and Galloping Ghost- 3 Sea Furies, 8 Mustangs, 2 P-40s, a Bearcat, a Corsair, a T28 and a Wildcat placing the Nemesis NXT # 10 on the unlimited speed chart and the 18th fastest qualifying aircraft on the field including the Jets!


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