Vodpod Server Down 503 I’m not waiting Upgrade Coming!

Alright change is GOOD!

Since last night I noticed an error code I was getting 503 server not available from vodpod which I use to embed videos.

So as time goes by today I’m upgrading and you will be able to view all videos in full screen. As I’m doing this if you are watching a vid here and it disappears it will be back in a few seconds and in full screen capability right here right Now.

Update: 11 hours into this, 1/2 way done, I’m toast Good Night.

Who loves ya, how about a FRESCA in the mean time?

Mark-mb productions 

All done enjoy the viewing 11/21/11 5:55 pm central

Back to our regular scheduled program, think Orson Welles would like this?

Remember? News bulletins reporting that a “huge flaming object” had dropped on a farm near Grovers Mill, New Jersey. The date is 1938

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Were Here

War of the Worlds Mr. Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater, The Invasion from Mars 2011

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