Northwest Passage Expedition- 8000 miles in a Zodiac Rib & 3-300hp Mercs

With our technology and product design we are able to go beyond capabilities that were only dreamed of.

David Smith of Shockwave Seats took on an epic adventure along with his crew and a Zodiac Rib boat powered by three 300hp Verado by Mercury.  The team navigated the Northwest Passage of 8000 miles which took 300 hours with an 11 meter (36 ft) boat, come on are you kidding me out there in the middle of nowhere!  Putting your life on the line to test a products reliability goes beyond comprehension and it was of his own, the suspension  seats his company designs. Not only that but because of his experience of 50 years on the water he chose Zodiac and Mercury to make this assault on the Northwest Passage. Man this is in the history books and what a journey.

Because of his crew, boat, engines and equipment that pushed them over the top of the world I could not think of any boats-man who would not want the same set up for himself.

You know your going to make it back!


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Zodiac H1100 Rib

8000 miles 300 hours 11 meter Zodiac Rib running three 300hp Mercs