Good Friend’s Passing

We have all gone through this as time goes by a family member or friend passes away. Close friend of mine just passed away last weekend and the wake was yesterday, man all the friends that showed along with family there was nowhere to park I think Manfred (Doc) would have been amazed of the turnout. You know there is a saying the dead remain alive in the living and this is true for if you are loved. Couple of things here with life and death, while you are here,  try to help someone or something along its way and did you love and were you loved makes for a rich life.

We get left behind when a family member or friend leaves before you do,  the sorrow is a deep one to the point many become lost and die themselves from the loss, you’ve heard of this. But ya know something your right for being sad for love is a powerful feeling, lets face it people have gone to war over it so why you are caught up in this emotion stop for a minute. The thing about you being sad is that your still here with out the one you loved and for them the pain or suffering that they might of be going through or accident and what ever is over for the calling to come home is just another beginning of this thing we call life.

Jim Morrison of the Doors made a statement at one time “No one gets out of here alive”  and tomorrow is promised to no body, (thought I would just throw that in) your life is not easy, you make for what it is, learn from it as you go but mostly try to feel it for your heart is a better place.   Doc had a big heart and could talk to a complete stranger and soon have that person laughing it was what he was made of. Also as kids growing up in the era of Rock and Roll the album Barnstorm by Joel Walsh was a favorite. I’m kind of surprised there is not many high quality sound video recordings of this man but found a couple.

So Doc, the first vid is a tribute to you from an old Rocker Joel Walsh the second one goes out to family and friends that are missing you like many are but you’re in our hearts. That’s were you live today as when you were alive.  One more thing about Doc he was a great outdoors-men and a big fan of The Chicago Black Hawks any picture you see of this guy is always smiling it was a  fixture upon his face. I felt this again when I woke up this morning for there were a covey of Quail in the back yard,  had not seen that ever, especially here!

Thanks Doc, God’s Speed.

Family, Friends and Mark


Videos uploaded by U Tube user  and Jose Alberto Calle


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