America getting tough new Bill NDAA and SOPA

Wow good morning America!

Lot of negative comments out there and worries of civilian rights toward this bill, I won’t argue that but ya know something read this bill and it’s more 1000 pages before you freak out.  There is a lot of concern in this bill and the main one is since the beginning of time humans have been at War. Read NDAA FAQ: A Guide for the Perplexed. 

Update 12/23/11 lot of heat coming out of this:

New American  and Market Watch  also look at Rep. Landry offers Amendments to NDAA to Protect Civil Liberties 

You know what this will really do?  For one of the few times in American history and will go back to WWII the country is cracking down on the enemy!  There in here among you and me and have the same rights but don’t give a shit about America but can hide under your rights as a citizen.  Well game over.  Now what is going to happen, will be the fear of GOD will be put into your soul because the military needs no reason to suspect you of wrong doing! If you’re a good boy and girl you have nothing to worry about but if your hiding here amongst  us your fucked plan and simple.

Criminals would laugh at this country and how lenient we are where other countries your shot! You know what sucks is that the information stolen from computers, internet hacking, satellite jamming, economic destruction, explosion of nuclear at high altitude (2008). Telecommunications surveillance other countries companies right here up to no good and the spy who is getting paid to steal what ever info he can and he might work with you and live in your neighborhood.  Well this bill will make you think twice, like it or not this is WAR.

Hey who is this guy from the media that pissed off the President anyway?

Video uploaded by U Tube user 

All due respect Sir I think the strong  just got tougher and there is a lot to be concerned about.  Let’s look at another subject and that would be corruption in the market place. I don’t have to go in-depth here for you all know and there is a flood light on this matter.  Even at this point the Federal Reserve is being looked at see for yourself!

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How much of this can the country swallow before you bust!

This is by Nine Inch Nails the song Pinion:

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I’m like you we are all tired of this War the corruption the down turn of the world economy and the inception of  the National Defense Authorization  Act for 2012.  I don’t like this but what I really don’t like is some twinkled toe cocksucker trying to hurt my country.  War is hell for everyone just look at history, now there is something to fear and that’s fear it’s self if your here to fuck things up!  No more cup cake laws for the Twinkies this is WAR!

A word on this from Congressman Ron Paul

Also read this from Rep. Pearce on NDAA Dec. 21 2011 

How do you like US now Jack Wagons’?

Saliva performing Click Click Boom

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