Antarctica Run to the South Pole

Arctic Trucks

From Wikipedia:

The company originated in Iceland, its roots lay in the need for dealing with the difficult terrain in Iceland, summer and winter. In the 1970s the Icelandic people started experimenting with larger tires and low tire pressures on the snow with interesting results. But it was not until in the mid 1980s, when practical solutions began emerging, that demand quickly rose. Small garages emerged where people and companies had their vehicles modified. With more and more brand new Toyota vehicles being modified and limited or no standardization, Toyota in Iceland (P. Samúelsson hf.) became concerned over warranty, serviceability, safety and customer satisfaction.

In 1990 Toyota in Iceland established its own modification division calling it “Toyota Aukahlutir” (Toyota Accessories). This division grew very quickly and 20% to 70% of all new Toyota Hilux, Land Cruiser and 4Runners got modified before delivery to customers. In 1996 the name of this division was changed to Arctic Trucks and in 1999 Arctic Trucks Norway was established.

In 2005 Arctic Trucks was bought out of Toyota Iceland and seriously started working more with other brands as well as Toyota. As of mid-2011, Arctic Trucks has daughter companies in Iceland, Norway and UAE. Franchise agreements have been signed, or are in the final stages, with companies in Russia, Brazil, South Africa and Finland, as well as with CFAO Automotive which represents Toyota in 14 African countries. Arctic Trucks has offered self-drive tours in Iceland since 2008 under the name “Arctic Trucks Experience”.

South Pole

Between Toyota and Arctic Trucks these are the first vehicle to make to the North Pole by TV personality Top Gear and now racing from Novo to the South Pole. Wow this puts the pressure on for all the 4WD auto makers to step up but this is not you average 4WD truck take the AT 38 for insistence.

This modification is mainly for utility and rescue vehicles. When modifying to 38” tires, you are far exceeding the normal off-road capabilities, with flotation on snow as the core benefit. This modification requires, both lifting of the suspension and the body. Extra wide fender flares are used, 15 x12,5” wheels, 4,88:1 gear ratio, and many other modifications to the various parts of the undercarriage and the body.
With the AT38 your SUV will become a super offroader, with remarkably good driveability on normal roads.
The AT38 is ideal in remote areas, like police and rescue work, construction companies, tourist driving, scientific work and many other difficult tasks.


Arctic Trucks the AT 38 at The Show

Check out their Site 


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