Change Blowing in for The New Year!

Yep we flipped the calendar today 2012.  Wow, lots going on but what’s interesting is the Northern Hemisphere of the planet.  We have much wind today.   All I can think of  is Winds of Change and you look around, this is happening.  Know I just don’t mean all the goofed up situations but the way humans are starting to feel.  From all the down turn a truly amazing thing happens to an individual and that is once you think you lost everything like worldly possessions this will put you in a scenario to take risk you would have not thought of when comfortable.

Back up against the wall, you’re going to come out swinging, especially if some entity came down on you with evil you will want to deliver evil upon them.  For the most part this is human nature, a survival instinct that helps you push forward but wait!  One most important move you have is time.  Most don’t think of this as a move.   Just for theory, let’s say you have an enemy you are probably not the only one that got pissed off by them so with that they have their hands full with trouble and something is going to blow. (too many wrong doings) Look at the Banks, Federal Reserve, Wall Street, Corrupt Law-enforcement, Corrupt Corporations the list is long.  You are not alone, we are not alone.  There is an old Chinese proverb, “Sit on the river banks long enough and you will watch your enemy drift by.”

With nothing you still have everything; money comes and goes.  As with relationships an important aspect of this is, hold up your left hand. Notice the surroundings, where ever you go there you are. You are responsible for your surroundings good or bad.  You still have a chance to succeed and learn from your failures which is your best teacher.

Lets look at a story of a man named Marvin Heemeyer from Grand Lake, Colorado.  He was so pissed off that he modified a Komatsu D355A bulldozer and took on his enemy.

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That’s a hell of a thing to take your own life! I feel Marvin had more to give but when your id takes over, watch out because you have nothing to lose.  It was said that Marvin welded himself closed inside the dozer. Sometimes you just can’t see the light or feel that enemy will continue to win.  The mind would rather have you dead than it being wrong.  You thought too much.

Now let’s get back to what is blowing in today and that is most humans are feeling something and that is towards peace.  We are tired of war, we are tired of corruption, we are tired of the Jack Wagons period.  Talk to anybody, you can see this and feel it and you know something –  it’s true!  The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few.  One way or another change is coming.  It never stops and if it’s not in our favor, well, Marvin left plans for a Dozer!

R.I.P. Marvin Heemeyer

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