Dale- Nothing But!

Wow it’s going on 11 years, Dale Earnhardt is in the history books so I’m not going to write here of all his achievements but what is truly great about this man is his attitude to be the best.  His son Dale Jr. made a comment about him that even if he screwed up he made it look good.  I guess at one point Dale flipped a dozer and the people who saw it commented, “did you see the way Dale flipped that dozer”!  From Earnhardt’s roots and the why he grew up and not even finishing school he knew what he wanted.  Like his name alone, he Earn that and carried it along the way remembering where he came from sharing and helping who ever he worked with.

If ever on the planet came a human being along the way that was looked up to, admired and loved by family and millions well that humane is Dale Earnhardt.  In the spectacle of sports this man will remain in the hearts of millions every time the new season of NASCAR starts at Daytona in February.

Gentleman start your engines and lift your hearts!

Dale Earnhardt Site

Video uploaded by U Tube user  

Almost like Superman

Video uploaded by U Tube user  NascarAllOut 

Dale Jr talks about:

Dale Jr. Site

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I know Dale would be pleased with NASCAR Today!

Every February will always be racing for you MAN! 

Want more of this? Check out Daletona 500

“Have At it Boys!”

Video uploaded by U Tube user  

You could Win, The 2011 Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet “Intimidator” Camaro 


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