Tornado Alley is this War?

Deep Freeze

Weather has been tough lately to say the lease.  Record snowfall for Anchorage and Cordova Alaska and Eastern Europe where in villages of Serbia and Bosnia, air-lifted in emergency food and medicine as a severe cold spell is icing up Europe. Parts of the Black Sea froze near the Romanian coastline and the rare snow fell on Croatian islands in the Adriatic Sea.  In Bulgaria, 16 towns recorded their lowest temperatures since records started 100 years ago.

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Knee deep water and a Train

The 2011 monsoon season saw one record flood event in Indochina across several countries;  Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar and heavy flooding in Vietnam.  Meanwhile, Laos also sustained flood damage.  By late October 2011, 2.3 million people have been hit by flooding in Thailand, while the flooding in Cambodia has affected close to 1.2 million people, according to estimates.

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Queensland Australia remembers one year after a flood that caused major damage and life, to Brisbane and surrounding areas.  Is once again being flooded by heavy rains.   Then the earthquake that hit Japan in March of 2011 followed  by the tsunami!  Which Japan is still recovering from.  On May 22, 2011 a highly destructive and deadly F5 tornado tore through the city of Joplin, Missouri.  Between these events we are witnessing the most violent weather of our times.

In this video at the 40 second time stamp:  That’s the Airport!

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Mother Nature War?

Mother Nature is dishing it out and I feel more is to come.  Man it’s like we are at war with nature and one team in particular,  The Storm Chasers are doing battle with tornadoes.  Sean Casey Chief and Champion Storm Chaser have modified a  Dodge Ram 3500 that was strengthened and converted to six-wheel drive by adding a third axle.  After season two the six-wheel drive system was modified to four-wheel drive.  It is powered by a 6.7-liter Cummins turbo diesel engine, modified with propane and water injection to produce 625 horsepower.

Tornado Alley  

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The Tornado Interceptor

You know I’ll tell ya,  this keeps up it might be a good market for such a vehicle, or tank!

Sean Casey and the Tornado Intercept vehicle watching a cold-core mini supercell spin up a brief pair of wall clouds.

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