You, GoPro

Realality TV is you surfing the curl, leaping off the mountain or what ever human envelope that rides the edge and captures it on film.  No need for a film crew, your it, every move recorded in HD.  Even Red Bull is offering anybody a change at your own launchpad.  From Slow motion 1000 fsp read Red Bull gives you wings.  How cool is this no actors no script just action, real life.  This is the most intense filming of sports and you’re the director.

Man I got to tell ya, this puts anyone on the map who has a pair and can ride that fine line, make it break it.  With the technology out there you can find a lot that’s Right with The Ship.  The equipment featured here is the GoPro HD Camera  and with Wi-Fi or a mobile hot spot your broadcast is live (what?).  Man you are the show! See life is good just look for what is right and you’ll find technology is at the forefront and having fun!

GoPro Site   

Video uploaded by U Tube user  




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