Alfred Hitchcock with U2 Vertigo

Wow, one of civilizations greatest film directors Alfred Hitchcock.  Most critics find Vertigo his best film.   This restoration has been around since 1996 Under the sponsorship of Universal Studios, Robert A. Harris and James C. Katz, the same team behind the restoration of such large-format films as Lawrence of Arabia, Spartacus and My Fair Lady have spent the past two years painstakingly rebuilding, layer by layer, what is essentially a brand new 65 mm restoration negative.

Dan Slusser, Senior Vice President/General Manager, Universal Studios recalls: “We were faced with the simple question of do we let this great film go forever or do we bring it back? And we felt that it made both emotional and economic sense to give a new generation a chance to see something truly beautiful.”

“We’re in the business of snatching great films back from the brink of extinction. The negative had gotten to the point where if we didn’t restore Vertigo now, it would have been too late,” says Robert Harris. “Without this effort, no one would ever again experience Vertigo,  for the glorious first time or a still-awed tenth, as it was intended to be seen.”

One bone of contention regarding the 1996 restoration was the decision to re-record the foley sound effects from scratch (to allow Dolby-quality mixing for surround sound and stereo).  Harris and Katz wanted to stay as close as possible to the original: “It was our intent to re-mix the original music tracks with dialogue culled from the old mono and new Foley and effects tracks, which were to have been created following Mr. Hitchcock’s original notes”.  That was the intent.  It is not what occurred, the studio having made the decision to re-invent the track anew.  Harris and Katz sometimes added extra sound effects to camouflage defects in the old soundtrack (hisses, pops, and bangs); in particular they added extra seagull cries and a foghorn to the scene at Cypress Point.  The new mix has also been accused of putting too much emphasis on the score at the expense of the sound effects.  The 2005 Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection contains the original mono track as an option.

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U2 – Vertigo

Well since Alfred got updated, what better mix to go alone with the restored version of Vertigo then Bono.  This is a great tune that came out almost 3 years ago not to mention the video!  Where else are you going to find a mix like this? That’s right Pod, Hitchcock with U2 welcome home,  you can feel good about one thing here for sure and that is by turning it up!   Half the experience at this site is volume.  It’s all for the experience. 

Always Enjoy The Show

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