Just a Phone Conversation

This is a life long friend of mine Chris Plante, his show airs on AM 630 WMAL out of Washington DC.  Now many would say that this man is opinionated but who isn’t when your right.  I can tell you this, that Chris Plante takes his job very seriously and while doing that he makes it entertaining.  Chris has come up the ranks as a journalist and now with his own show which was canceled at one point; his following grows.  It was his listening public that convinced the radio show to get him back on the air.

None to sorry either, for the performance out of Chris is never a dull moment.  Talk radio is a tough industry always needing material and a good guest to move the show forward.  You will find that type of atmosphere in his show, also I can tell ya that Plante is on your side and none to fear for what toes he might step on.  That’s how he carries himself and the way he works.  You know,  Andy Rooney said that a journalist has to tell the truth.  You will hear the truth on Chris Plante’s show and he’ll fight you for it.  Not only that but just listen to this take on the show and the guest is tearing at Chris.  What does Plante do?  That’s right keep the show rollin and entertaining.

This is someone calling into the show so simple, but how to make it entertaining?  Let Plante take the call!

Video uploaded by U Tube  


You , Me, Him in that order.

The Chris Plante Show

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Media Bias

Main stream media, Plante’s view on what your listening to.

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