Jack Wagons

Ya know, Ted Nugent said once anyone can play a guitar but if you want to be good you have to play with an attitude.  Well here’s to ya boy’s Mr. Kevin Blanch, Media, hedge fund, History, economics, socioeconomics, geo politics the truth about Real wealth.  I know for myself this guy is a breath of fresh air for we are going to keep fighting. Comes a time when enough is enough, you know what is right and your willing to die for it!  Our Fathers’ did as our Grandfathers’ did, don’t give up on us just yet for we just begun. Were going back to ethics as the old code of ethics and Kevin Blanch will fill your belly and with that we all might be in the streets soon going at it!

Those of you with a soft nature don’t watch this. This is good going after evil, not for kids.

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Great American

In 1980 for the first time In American History, a generation of liberals without passion guts or fight was born.

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