The Wayback Machine

If you could turn back the clock, where would you go?.  Perhaps back to a time of your innocence?  A time when all your family and friends were within reach?  A simpler time further back even like the old west?  Or maybe you would like to move forward into the future, a place on the dial where peace is the ruler of the day.  What ever you choose,  your mind and memory is like a recorded tape of your life.

Remember when;  you always hear this from stories people share of their life and notice their enthusiasm when telling the story.  You even see this in individuals with Alzheimer’s the memory in the mind starts to roll backwards all the way to childhood.  I can remember my Grandmother with this disease, she was complaining about my Grandfather that he was seeing the neighbor down the street.  Well at the time my Grandfather had passed away, but in her mind this was happening.  I could only think that gramps was having more fun dead then alive!

So if your ever having a tough day,  you can always rewind your life in your mind to a time of great accomplishments,  love, family, friends or a time that was simple to you.  Daydreaming, the time machine, the way back to what picked you up that day, where you can relive it over and over again and this will push you to the next goal in your life.

A story book about us if you will,  the way back and what’s ahead?

Nice job on these videos Joe

Always Enjoy The Show

Mark-mb productions

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Dancing Madly backwards

Dancing madly backwards
Dancing on a sea
Racing on my memories
I’m glad I set my dreams
Tip toe, tip toe quickly
Forget about your cares
And remember underneath you
Is just a sea of air
Just remember underneath you
Is just a sea of air
Wishing on your wishes
Landin on a storm
Knowing when you are dancing
Knowing that’s so far
Dance, Dance, faster
Madly dance away
Cause remember underneath you
Is just a sea of air
Just remember underneath you
Is just a sea of air
Well, I saw right now, looked at face to face
Don’t complain never seems too late
No no no no no
Ah, cause I’m not sitting on the golden gate
Love and a peace and war and hate
No no no no no
Well, I’m not gonna sit around and wait
All I’m a doing is losing my face
Oh no no no
But we’re all on station that’s for sure
Searchin is an endless
Well, there ain’t no care
Ah, oo

This band was out in the 70s Captain Beyond:

Rod Evans, vocals formerly Deep Purple, Bobby Caldwell, drums formerly Johnny Winter, Larry “Rhino” Reinhardt, guitar, and Lee Dorman, bass – both formerly of Iron Butterfly.

Roll back your own clock, sit back and Enjoy The Show.

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Seems to be moving ever faster,  have you noticed?  The human tick tock, hard to keep up with the big one which would be the cosmos,  here time has no running just endless.  That’s one long tick tock.

Think time is running out?  Would of, should ah, could ah?  Think again, every morning you wake is another shot at the title.  This an’t over till you are!  Woody Allen’s famous quote:  “nine-tenths of life,  is just showing up”.

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Us and Them

I’ve written about this before but once again would like to bring it to your attention.  Society divides us, but in the scheme of things we are all the same.  The filmmaker here Joe,  really puts this into perspective, our lives, wants and needs are all the same simply to have a better life, wouldn’t you say?

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Any Colour

Colour: attribute of things that results from the light they reflect.

So where did you go?  Time is a wonderful thing, you get to choose to move forward or back.  Humans get to alter their history everyday,  by the choices we make and I can only hope,  you reflect the light of goodness.

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Final Exit

Well you can go back in your mind but hard to move forward from here, hopes and dreams, you earn this.  One thing for sure and this makes us all the same, we share life and death.  The final exit we do not know but heading that way as in all life on this planet, were sure to go.  At this point you will be rolling your life film and remembering the things you enjoyed that fulfilled your life.  Enjoy your life and kindly help things along the way.

Always Enjoy The Show

Mark-mb productions

Video uploaded by U Tube user  


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