The G.C.C.U.

Government, Corporation, Consumer, Unity (G.C.C.U.) a new way in helping Elected Officials, Municipalities  along with Institutions and Corporations to make the right move.

Social media has made popularity a reality.  Ever look at the like and dislike bar on a U Tube video?  This is a tough crowd to please and it’s people doing it.  Some leave comments turned off so they can sleep at night, but that does not remove the like or dislike bar.  The internet has set a stage for lights, camera, action and there’s no dodging it.  Everything in business is on-line, with that comes the like and dislike button meaning your popular or not.

So with all the bad news out there coming from government, institutions, corporations  you name it,  now you can vote on how you feel about any entity.  The like button has a friend, I’ve notice some large companies are not on Facebook whats wrong don’t what to be graded?

Goggle Chrome has created a dislike button for Facebook, Web Sites, pages and it can be loaded into your browser, Also available for Apple Safari and Firefox.  I’ll be working from news and media sources on hard hit topics, suggest some on your own and I’ll run it up the flag pole.  If enough people get involved,  being popular in society will become a standard, because what this tells you as a consumer is who you are doing business with.  The consumer will be grading a company or any entity as if it were in school and to pass you need a passing grade.  I believe 70% is passing.  From here if the popularity of an entity is high this will only bring in more revenue. If not popular only one why to cure it and that’s by working harder for you.  One must earn the grade, no dog and pony show back to Ethics.

Go out to the site and there is already projects in the making.  Right with The Ship blog will be working in collaboration with The G.C.C.U. site for media cover and news along with voting.  Give them a suggestion, voting has never been easier.  You don’t have to wait  four years to vote, this is open 24/7.

The G.C.C.U.


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