New Path in Space

About Reel NASA

Get off my planet.  Give me my space.

Get real with Reel NASA.

Space travel always has been the stuff of science fiction movies.  NASA, however, has picked up where the likes of Jules Verne and Stanley Kubrick left off–remaking the story of space exploration in fact.

NASA made its boots for walking on the moon.  Those boots not only left an impression on the moon’s dusty surface but also on the minds of millions of people.

The men and women of the space program are working hard to build upon those historic steps.  The once giant leap of mankind will now be the stepping stone for even greater giant leaps as the moon one day becomes a pit stop on the road to beyond.

Pink Floyd dared to ask: is anybody out there?  NASA dares to answer this question.

Roll cameras!   These reels show the action behind the real story at NASA.  That’s one small click.

That intro of about was from Reel NASA on their U Tube channel!

NASA is the shit,  and once again you will feel the pride in what America is really about.  Just like the Shuttle we all will rise (people of the planet) together with NASA.

Take a hike Jack Wagons (there’s reruns of Gumby and Pokey for you,  get it?) were going to get Mr. Sluggo to tie you to the pad during lift off!

Video uploaded by U Tube user 


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