We’re Back NASA – SpaceX

From abort to slash down NASA and SpaceX are back in orbit.  This is going well,  the private sector working with NASA or actually NASA working with.  NASA was at the helm during maneuvers of The Dragon closing in on the ISS and what an opportunity for SpaceX to be at the Cape.  Once again NASA brings people together to go beyond our capabilities, like the Shuttle,  America is at the HELM again (the left seat).

Aboard the ISS with Expedition Team 31, Flight Engineer Don Pettit captured this Perpetual Sun and a new start for NASA and SpaceX.

Down load the song if you like, performed by The Rage: Never Satisfied

Video uploaded by U Tube user  

This is The Day

You know something when things in our economy look grim,  technology knows one course and that’s improvement. You can feel that, which brings morale.  The video below is The The performing,  This is The Day

To NASA and SpaceX;  Thanks for the lift!

“You guys are the only ones offering real change”.

Complete Dragon Mission 

Video uploaded by U Tube user


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