The Great Outdoors- Bill Dance Bloopers

Ya know,  this is really what goes on when you’re venturing into the Great Outdoors.

Some comments from You Tube on Bill Dance,  out in his element!

  • Absolutely classic.

    greaseman64 2 years ago

  • Oh my god! I don’t usually laugh out loud at anything but this literally had me crying. This is hilarious!!

    rupertsinclair 2 years ago  

  • I’m seeing a youtube star RISING!!!.

    hsbmtz 2 years ago

  • omg laughed my ass off at 1:33

    teamgh0ul 2 years ago

  • maybe if he took off those sunglasses he could see what he’s doing.

    2Crisis 2 years ago

  • dadgummit

    hes got the worst luck

    MCIzawa 2 years ago

  • Future Youtube superstar.

    maver1ck89 2 years ago

  • This is a man who knows his cursin’!

    martinrking 2 years ago  

  • Dont say failure.

    madoffler 2 years ago

  • oh my god, failure!

    danielriis 2 years ago

Video uploaded by U Tube user  


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