Curiosity Getting to Mars

These up-to-the-minute computer simulations show the Mars Science Laboratory’s current position on the journey between Earth and Mars.

After its successful launch on Nov. 26, 2011, the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover is in its Cruise Phase on its way to Mars! The trip from Earth to Mars will take about 36 weeks (254 days).

Cruise ends when the spacecraft is 45 days from entry into the Martian atmosphere, when the Approach Phase begins.  Follow Curiosity on her journey, through these simulated views, which are updated daily.

Where is Curiosity?

Surface Operations

The surface operations phase covers the rover’s time conducting scientific investigations on Mars.  After reaching the surface of the red planet, Mars Science Laboratory will have a primary mission time of one martian year.  That is, it will continue to operate at least 687 Earth days, surviving at least one martian winter in the process.

Mars Science Laboratory will have higher clearance and greater mobility than any previous rover sent to Mars, traveling a distance of 5 to 20 kilometers (about 3 to 12 miles) from its landing site.

While exploring Mars, the rover will collect, grind, distribute, and analyze approximately 70 samples of soil and rock. 

Curiosity The Project 

Video uploaded by U Tube user  


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