Mike Dawes Fingerstyle Guitarists

From Mike Dawes web site:

Mike Dawes has helped spearhead the current wave of UK fingerstyle guitarists.

Years of collaboration and touring have provided him with a unique and varied approach to performance, utilising all aspects of the guitar to reference celtic, jazz, rock, and experimental music.

Mike’s debut single with CandyRat Records went viral instantly, with the likes of Gotye, Andy Mckee and Eric Whitacre reposting the video.  Mike takes an active interest in his audience, frequently teaching fans from his Facebook page over Skype.

Now how cool is that,  getting guitar lessons from Dawes on fingerstyle.

‘Astounding Virtuosity’ – Gotye

‘Incredible’ – International Guitar Foundation

‘Mike tears it right up, his hand looks like a creepy spider!’ – Andy Mckee

‘Beautiful and sensitively played arrangements and compositions’ – Acoustic Magazine

Since discovering the music of Pierre Bensusan at an early age, Mike has been completely dedicated to the guitar (along with the more obscure music that comes with it)

Currently residing in the South of England, Mike has been stunning audiences and critics with his guitar playing since 2008. His music often defies description, taking influence from Celtic, Rock, World and Popular music.

Mike Dawes site

Video uploaded by U Tube user 


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