High Above Earth

Who loves you?  Not only me,  but our friends at NASA!

The Image Science and Analysis Laboratory NASA Johnson Space Center has a challenge for you!  The team at NASA is offering you to use their photos and or videos along with your imagination in producing you own video.  NASA is team Earth and that’s as good as good can get,  they share this for a simple reason and that is its American tax dollars that allow Team NASA to do what they do.  You and me are a part of this team,  that should make you feel good today and that’s why I’m here.  These are getting better all the time,  and watch at 720P  this is great!

Thanks NASA

Mark-mb productions

From NASA to you:

From high above the Earth, the International Space Station (ISS) provides a unique vantage point to view our home planet. Stunning time-lapse photography of cities, aurora, lightning and other sights are seen from orbit.  Famed astronomer Galileo imagined these views from space and now through the technological marvel of the space station, we can see them for ourselves.  NASA invites you to download videos or stills to enjoy or perhaps even create an ISS time-lapse video production of your own.

Note: I’ve noticed a link was provided (at U Tube page) but it was broken,  will update when available.

Updated Link: 8/14   CrewEarthObservationsVideos

   Also public use

Video uploaded by U Tube user 


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