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Jessica Frech, the YouTube sensation with more than 11 million views on her channel, turns dreams into a “Reality” with her independent launch via social media networks.  The quirky, pop-folk artist is rewriting the music scene by utilizing her online fan base to not only promote her record, but they also served as its primary investors through Kickstarter.

“I still cannot believe that this whole journey started when I uploaded a funny video called ‘People of Wal-Mart’ to YouTube,” says Jessica. “Just like any other college kid, I wouldn’t have the funds to pursue this avenue and I can’t send enough thanks to those that traveled over to to give me a chance at recording a full length project.”

Jessica’s satirical songs, covers and parodies have captured fans around the globe since the release of “People of Wal-Mart,” which was recognized by as the #1 viral video for 2011.  Her videos have landed Jessica features on FOX News, Billboard, ABCNews, MSNBC, G4 “Attack of the Show,” “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and COSMO radio on SiriusXM.

From Frech:

I was challenged to write a song about the return of the NFL. I am always up for a good song challenge. Here’s my song called “Football Is My Favorite Sport”.

video uploaded by U Tube user 

People of Walmart

Jessica gained worldwide notoriety with the release of the “People of Walmart” music video on YouTube.  The comedy video features images from the People of Walmart photo blog along with an original score written by Frech.  Shortly after release, the video went viral with multi-millions of views.  The video has been featured on G4’s Attack of the Show,  Fox News, Billboard, Jimmy Fallon, AOL, and MSNBC  “People of Walmart” video gained the attention of Hyundai which hired Jessica to create two commercials for their 2011 holiday campaign.

This is the song she wrote that busted her out into the media, this can happen only on U Tube.

Video uploaded by U Tube user   

Shark Week

From Frech:

This song comes from my Monday “Song Challenges” series. Every Monday I release an original song based on challenges left in the comments from the previous week.

Between recording, filming, and shark week it was hard to get this challenge done. Luckily, this week’s song is about shark week and I could use “watching The Great White Invasion” as an excuse to study up on the song topic. Hope you had a Happy Shark Week!

Video uploaded by U Tube user  


On December 18, 2011 Frech started a Kickstarter Campaign  to fund her first full-length album “Reality”. The original goal of $8,000 was met in less than 72 hrs.  On February 5, 2012 the project was successfully funded by 718 backers pledging a total of $28,938.

Jessica joined the second annual national DigiTour for two shows in Houston, TX on March 15, 2012  and Dallas, TX on March 16, 2012 .

Frech’s first full length album “Reality” was released on March 20, 2012. The album features a total of 12 songs. One track, “I Tried to Die Young”,  features rock legend Melanie Safka.



Assistant Director

Art Director


Hair & Makeup


Craft Services

Video Editor/Color Correction

Alien Woman – Jessica Frech
Human Man – Preston Letherman
Alien Boy 1 -Justin Frech
Alien Boy 2 – Liam Williams
Child Painting – Mallory Thomas
Water Gun Boy 1 – Milo Logan
Water Gun Boy 2 – Zach Thomas
Child Drawing – Briley Thomas
Child Eating – Shelby Thomas
Gym Man 1 – Ryan Walters
Gym Man 2 – Darrin Dickerson
Gym Man 3 – Robert Facelli Jr.
Gym Woman 1 – Rochelle Dunn

Jessica Frech Site

Video uploaded by U Tube user  


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