Happy Halloween 2012

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Evil Dead

The official red band trailer for remake of Sam Raimi’s classic ‘Evil Dead’ horror movie!

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Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

Prepare for a 3D ride through Hell!  The nightmare continues,  Silent Hill wants you back!

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chainsaw Official Trailer (2013).  Rated R” for “strong, grisly violence and language throughout”, this new texas chainsaw massacre movie opens January 4, 2013.  A direct sequel to Tobe Hooper’s classic 1974 horror film that follows the lead character, Heather, who along with her friends, travel to Texas in order to collect an inheritance.  What would you do if you found out your cousin was Leatherface ?

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One of the best horror films of all time.  It’s not really scary,  it just makes you scared to be alone in your house.

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Saw 7 3D

The only place safe is the comment section of this movie!

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The Prototype

Music defines a movie trailer!!!  It draws the population in emotionally.

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Lovely Molly

If you just keep watching horror movie trailers at 10 clock pm Just before going to bed thinking already “pffft whatever , who needs sleep anyways”!

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There Goes The Neighborhood

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House projection questions and answers from the maker:

Q: How many projectors did you use and what kind?
A: Just one. I used a BENQ M525ST Short throw projector. 2500 lumens. It is currently discontinued. Any projector will work as long as it is bright enough and can cover your whole house from where you plan to mount it.

Q: What software did you use?
A: I used DAZ3D to create the original animations and Serif MoviePlus as my video editor. You can Google them. They are inexpensive, but have all the features you need to do all the cool stuff. There is a lot of other software out there that will work, though.

Q: How did you get everything to line up exactly on the house?
A: The hardest part is figuring out how to mount the projector in a safe and protected place and positioning it exactly the same every time you project. I have a video on my channel showing how I did that.

Beyond that, you will need to create a template to use during video editing so you know where everything is supposed to go. You do that by connecting your computer to the projector and projecting your desktop onto the house. Open any graphics program that allows you to draw an image. While looking at the house, trace an outline of your house. You end up with a wire frame of your house from the exact perspective of the projector. You can use that as a temporary background while you are editing your video so you know where everything goes. It also helps you make video masks in the exact sizes and shapes you need during the editing process.

Q: What did you use to play the video?
A: I used a Blue Ray player and my video was in HD. Standard DVD does not provide a sharp enough image when projected so large. You can use a laptop computer, but I didn’t want to leave my computer outside while projecting.


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