Weather or not it’s Happening

For the past two years now we have been experiencing the most violent weather for our times.  In these next video clips the U Tube user puts together a remarkable collection of this world with its people from all corners rebelling against its nation and nature herself joining in.  We’re changing right along with the planet,  seems we as a people are tried of all the corruption and wanting to Occupy as the good Earth herself is tired to what we lay to waste and disrupt (one theory).  Others think today man has created a way to control the weather through H.A. A.R.P. (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program).   Where experiments are conducted which use electromagnetic frequencies to fire pulsed, directed energy beams in order to “temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere.” Some scientists state that purposefully disturbing this sensitive layer could have major and even disastrous consequences.  It’s know that this energy can cause the upper ionosphere to bubble and effect the jet stream to change course,  ah that would affect weather!

Now taking this all in,  being natural and or man-made we’re seeing weather disasters of biblical times.  Here again yet another source to what is happening  to Earth,  is this the beginning of The Book of Revelations?  But here again the date 2012 is never mentioned.   I don’t know for sure myself,  or spec anyone else does for that matter but none the less this is happening, with great destruction and lives being loss.    The End Date 2012 is the Mayans predicting a shift in consciousness not the end of the world so I’m not going there,  but surly is well needed for all mankind especially the ones who truly care for this place, meaning you also.    Embarking on this swing of the galactic center which some say has already happen (in 1998) does add up to change.  For I myself feel we are still evolving into a better human of being more humane,  it’s this state of consciousness the Mayans predict.

Back to the planet,  she is 4.5 billion years old + or – 0.05 billion years and has certainly gone through many changes some slow others very abruptly,  where we would not have the time to adjust,  like the dinosaurs here one day gone the next.  We know the climate is changing and at such a rate where New York might be under water at some point in time,  this was made apparent  when Hurricane Sandy hit the East coast.  New York subways were flooded,  New Jersey Ocean Front ripped apart and millions left in the dark.  Normally a cold front will wedge under a warm front and push it up and out like snow off a plow,  because the air is more dense  which hit Sandy  but she hooked left into the coast,  this data is all being looked at as to why.  The maker of the films here relates these disasters with quotes from the bible,  his interpretation as to why this is all going on.  However you view this,  it is happening and what is behind it?

Video uploaded by U Tube user   

Distress of Nations

Some comments on this film:

It doesn’t matter that these events are separate natural disasters,  the fact remains that they did happen and these natural occurrences are increasing whether we want to accept it or not.  The need for prayer is increasing There is God we don’t know when the end will come we just know that an end will come

victoria pnten

I still expect the world to keep spinning in 2013.  Why?  Each of these events are probably disparate,  but the video’s author has woven them together to present a narrative implying that the end is approaching.  I know it says “Note this video does not imply the world is going to end,”  but the disclaimer is overwhelmed with the imagery and the weaving of a story.  (But what if making these predictions is driving us to wish for an apocalypse in a twisted self-fulfilling prophecy? I can’t say).


Knowing what’s happening in the world is a good thing. I am not afraid, and I watched videos like these…and I’ve watched worse…Watch videos about police brutality, and then look at this video again, it will look like child’s play “fear wise” 😛 Fidockave213 is doing a good job compiling all this news together so we can get a big picture of what is happening from month to month 🙂 It sure doesn’t look like this planet is getting any better =]


This video is bullshit..compiled to instill you all run to churches and obey the religious leaders who will tell you what they’ve been told to..  Most of these protests are just people standing up for themselves against the establishments of their countries & America.  Why shouldn’t they protest against the big bully US?  Do any of you have any idea what the US, British& Israeli governments do to people in these countries?  They WANT everyone watching this to be afraid. TIME TO WAKE UP PEOPLE!


After watching this video im so scare right now. everything I saw on this video is true and I guess we only have 2 months left of ur lives what should I do im so scare right now honestly im crying I don’t want to die. some one please help me. what is really going to happen to us?

Michael Junior Garcia

Video uploaded by U Tube user 


Some comments on this film:

“Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12) I LOVE THIS VERSE

榛 羅德里格斯

These are just videos of power transformers blowing.  This happens all the time…good weather and bad.  You folks are letting your derp leak all over the floor.


That UFO over Jerusalem is a complete fail.  They quickly debunked that one.


Everything in this video is talked about in the Bible. It has been prophesied.  These are either the governments fulfilling prophecy with signs in heaven or demons revealing themselves.  Luke 21:11 “There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places and fearful events and great signs from heaven.” All these events represent the coming of The Lord’s Day.  Please get yourself ready, for there is not a lot of time left.  God bless you.

PD van der Westhuizen

Don’t be such a caveman. Science and technology win over religion every single time.  When will you neanderthals catch up with the rest of the modern world?  It’s like watching a monkey try to do math.


If i am caveman, how come that most brilliant minds was religious and believed in God?  Nicholas Copernicus,Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Mendel, Tesla, Michael Faraday, Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle, …the list goes on.  Don’t speak about science and use it against people of faith,because the faithful are the one’s who give you all the science.




Look up into the night sky on a clear day.  Look carefully, you can see faint lights in the upper atmosphere.  They are all over the place.  The sky is filled with fallen angels and the ground is swarmed by evil spirits.


There’s a few big events that has to happen before god comes back im not even into god and church and I know that.


A lot of people leaving comments on here are evil trolls deceiving you.  Why in the HELL would your Government waste money on creating a fake alien invasion?  Let’s keep in mind this is being seen GLOBAL so all governments are in on this? Lol For what purpose? These are Angels.  It’s simple,  God is coming back but the enemy wants to trick you with Deception “These are demons,  no wait these are aliens, no wait this is fake” lol so which one is it?  Right.  Like I said, God is coming back.  That simple.






The way I see it is this.  Aliens would never attack us because for any society to reach this kind of technological advancement they would have to be peaceful.  A “civilisation” at war with itself ie. humans. has no chance of developing high-end space travel technology.  However that won’t stop them from using aliens as an excuse to create a world government.  Whatever happens this year,  NEVER forget the fact it’s conveniently timed to launch a world government type proposal to “deal” with it.



Video uploaded by U Tube user  


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    • “But coal is king; does any other energy source—whether now or in the future—stand a fighting chance?”

      Great article Jeff Clark, this also is going to determine our future of how we interact with the planet.

      Mark mb productions


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