Norfolk and Western Steam Trains Virginia

One of the worlds most followed machines, the train,  yeah the engines that plowed its way west and all points in between.  A short post on theses monsters, you can spend a lifetime on this subject from the years gone by up to the future of the rail system.  So here are some clips to get you rolling and certainly to catch a bug and go on a journey, maybe even through British Columbia the Great Northwest or China’s Bullet train and fly across the country.

“All Aboard”

SP4449 Holiday Express Train going south from Oaks Park Station.  Hear the echo from the whistle off the hills
Trains are operated on the Oregon Pacific Railroad and depart from Oaks Park Station adjacent to Oaks Park in southeast Portland.  Ride in vintage rail cars behind Portland’s historic steam locomotives.

Video uploaded by U Tube user ervans


Give this a chance after 22 sec into the vid you’ll see what I mean.

Spokane, Portland & Seattle #700 Holiday Express Train.

Video uploaded by U Tube user ervans

Union Pacific 3985

3977 UP Challenger

Union Pacific Challenger No. 3985 was designed by Union Pacific and built-in 1943 by the American Locomotive Company.  It is one of 105 Challengers built for Union Pacific between 1936 and 1943 and is the only operating engine of its class in the world today the largest and most powerful operating steam locomotive.

The Challengers were designed for fast freight service,  but occasionally pulled passenger trains.  No. 3985 originally burned coal and pulled a tender with a 32-ton capacity.  In 1990, it was converted to use No. 5 oil. The top speed of No. 3985 is about 70 mph.

No. 3985 last operated in “regular” train service in 1957.  It was retired in 1962 and stored in the roundhouse in Cheyenne,  Wyoming, until 1975 when it was placed on display near the Cheyenne depot.  A group of Union Pacific employees volunteered their services to restore the locomotive to running condition in 1981.

Video uploaded by U Tube user SkipW

Santa Fe


Rail photographer Emery Gulash, captured enough 16mm color film to produce an incredible chronology of the Santa Fe covering a period of almost 30 years! From 1952 until 1980,  Emery shot the Santa Fe from Chicago to the west.

This is a sample from Santa Fe Odyssey a 2 hr 10 min DVD set in HD with 5.1 sound.  Hard to find excellent footage of the Santa Fe Super Chief.

Video uploaded by U Tube user GreenFrogVideos

Last of the Steam Giants

4019 Big Boy

One of the best steam railroading film of the 1950’s this was made by Union Pacific RR.  It shows the great locomotives that lead to the 4000 Class Big Boy.  Railroad Historian Walter Gray does the introduction for the Big Boy and gives a little back ground history.


The Big Boys are articulated,  like the Mallet locomotive design, but used simple rather than double expansion. They were designed for stability at 80 miles per hour.  They were built with a heavy margin of reliability and safety, as they normally operated well below that speed in freight service.  Peak horsepower was reached at about 35 mph; optimal tractive effort, at about 10 mph.

Video uploaded by U Tube user Lou Costello

Union Pacific E-Units

A word from the film maker:

In 2006, the Union Pacific E9 A-B-A set 949, 963b and 951 visited St. Louis.  I heard about it from a very reliable source who lives in St. Clair County, IL.  Kelly Dunlap,  Scott Bauer and Myself went over to WR Tower,  caught the train there, then went over IL Rt. 3,  then got it backing into St. Louis Union Station.  The last car on the train is inspection car “Idaho”

Video uploaded by U Tube user James Tiroch

UP DDA40X 6936

Union Pacific’s last operating 8-axle giant,  EMD DDA40X #6936,  leads a business & inspection special westbound across Wisconsin.  The train is seen first at County Highway A/G in the town of Brooks,  then coming into Adams at the Main Street crossing,  and finally leaving the yard for points west.

Video uploaded by U Tube user HighIronofWisconsin

New Bullet Train the Future Chief

China Railway High-speed Harmony bullet trains are seen at a high-speed train maintenance base in Wuhan Hubei province early December 25 2012

Why fly when you can travel the 1000km between Guangzhou (Canton) near Hong Kong to Wuhan – which is halfway up China on the Yangtze River – in about three hours.  The journey can be done in luxury and costs about $115.  A very nice way to go.  The electric trains are hyper-modern, the ride is so smooooth and they even feed you en route.

Trains on this high-speed line will initially run at 300 kph.  (186.4 mph)  with a total travel time of about eight hours between the two cities,  compared with the previous time length of 20 hours.  State media have reported that December 26 was chosen as the date to open the Beijing-Guangzhou line to commemorate the birth of the late Chinese leader Mao Zedong in 1893. China’s high-speed rail network was established in 2007,  but has fast become the world’s largest with 8,358 kilometres (5193.4 miles) of track at the end of 2010.  That is expected to almost double to 16,000km (9941.9 miles) by 2020.

Video uploaded by U Tube user erikolsson

Bullet train 500series


From the Film maker:

The most popular Shinkansen 500series will be pulled out of
application for Nozomi super express on next spring.
This scene may be disappear soon.
the evening In green-tea farm,30th Oct.2009

China has spent billions on High Speed Trains and it shows, check out the construction of the rails in this short clip of Shinkansen 500series.

Video uploaded by U Tube user ISO8

 Bullet Train ride Upfront

Riding upfront with the engineer you think you were flying as he salutes each station going by. Arriving at the station is like landing, this system is unreal!

Video uploaded by U Tube user Cab Ride

Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer Canada

When the Discovery Channel launched its “The World Is Just Awesome” campaign with a rendition of the infectious camp song, “I Love the Mountains – Boom De Yada,” it captured the attention of millions across the globe. As an award-winning provider of rail journeys through the Canadian Rockies, we were inspired to produce our own version, showcasing some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Yeah,  this would be a good time,  love trains  Boom De Yada!

Canada Train Vacations 

Video uploaded by U Tube user rmountaineertrain


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