Mars Settlement 2023

Mars One will settle men on Mars in 2023 – Press Release

Dutch company reveals plans to organize a manned mission to Mars AMERSFOORT, THE NETHERLANDS, 31 May 2012 – Today Mars One announced its plan to establish a human settlement on Mars in 2023. Every two years after that a new crew will join the settlement. Mars One has contacted established aerospace suppliers from around the world that can supply all the mission components, and received letters of interest from these companies. Mars One will involve mankind as the mission’s audience, creating a worldwide media event around the first manned flight to and settlement on Mars.Mars One has designed a manned mission to Mars that has as little complexity as possible. The most important simplification is that the crew will emigrate to Mars. They will spend the rest of their lives living and working on Mars. While sustaining human life on Mars is not trivial, it is far easier and safer than bringing the crew back to Earth. If the astronauts had to return to Earth after their visit to Mars, a fully functional and fueled return rocket would have to be constructed on Mars without any human supervision, which is extremely complex and expensive. Instead, Mars One will provide the first and subsequent crews with water, food and oxygen by mining resources from Mars’ soil and atmosphere.All components required to complete the mission can currently be built by existing suppliers. Mars One has visited a variety of companies that together can deliver the complete package. Among the companies we visited are: ILC Dover, MDA Information Systems, Paragon Space Development, Space Exploration Technologies, Surrey Satellite Technology and Thales Alenia Space. Mars One has received letters of interest from each one.To finance the mission, Mars One will create an international media event around the project. The audience will help decide as the teams of settlers are selected, follow their extensive training and preparation for the mission and observe their settling on Mars once arrived. The astronauts will share their experiences as they build their new home, conduct experiments and explore. The mission itself will provide scientific and social knowledge that will be accessible to everyone. Mars One is looking for corporate sponsors and investors.Bas Lansdorp, M.Sc, co-founder: “Since its conceptualization, Mars One has evolved from a bold idea to an ambitious but feasible plan. Just about everyone we speak to is amazed by how realistic our plan is. The next step is introducing the project to the world and securing sponsors and investors. Human exploration of Mars will be the most exciting adventure mankind has embarked upon in decades. It will inspire a new generation of engineers, inventors, artists and scientists. It will create breakthroughs in recycling, life support and solar power systems. It will create a new generation of heroes – the first explorers to go to Mars will step straight into the history books. Finally, we expect it to capture an audience of millions, culminating in several billion online spectators when the first crew lands on Mars.”Mars One has support and backing of several well-known and respected ambassadors:Professor Dr. Gerard ‘t Hooft, 1999 Nobel Prize winner of Physics: “This project seems to me to be the only way to fulfill dreams of mankind’s expansion into space. It sounds like an amazingly fascinating experiment. Let’s get started!

Paul Römer, inventor of Big Brother: “This mission to Mars can be the biggest media event in the world. Reality meets talent show with no ending and the whole world watching. Now there’s a good pitch!

Gerard Blaauw, Chairman of the Netherlands Space Society: “Mars One’s visionary idea to combine media and aerospace in such an innovative way means it is possible! True breakthroughs come from interweaving divergent domains, and that is what is happening here!

Mary Roach, Writer: “Even before the Mars One team wrote to me, a manned Mars mission had struck me as the ultimate reality television event, and thus an unbeatable funding opportunity. For unlike so much of the “reality” television that exists now, here there would be no need to make up events to add drama, duress, and psychological tension. This mission on its own provides all of that.

About Mars One

Mars One is a non-government, private organization whose intent is to establish a colony on Mars through the integration of existing, readily available technologies from industry leaders world-wide. Unique in its approach, Mars One intends to fund this decade-long endeavor through an interactive, reality TV style broadcast from astronaut selection to robotic construction of the outpost; from the seven month flight through the first years on Mars.

Mars One Issues Requirements For 2013 Astronaut Selection

Mars One Issues Requirements For 2013 Astronaut Selection

AMERSFOORT, THE NETHERLANDS, 08 JANUARY 2013 – Mars One, a not-for-profit organization which plans to establish a human settlement on Mars in 2023, today issued the base requirements for its pending Astronaut Selection Program. This establishes the first step toward the global selection process which will commence in the first half of 2013.

Unique to all other space exploration endeavors before it, Mars One is opening the astronaut program to anyone on planet Earth that meets the base criteria. It is not necessary to have military training nor experience in flying aircraft nor even a science degree. It is most important that each applicant be intelligent, in good mental and physical health, and be willing to dedicate eight years to training and learning before making the journey to his or her new home on Mars.

Norbert Kraft, former Sr. Research Associate at NASA and Chief Medical Director for Mars One states, “In my former work with NASA we established strict criteria for the selection and training of astronauts on long duration space flights. Gone are the days when bravery and the number of hours flying a supersonic jet were the top criteria. Now, we are more concerned with how well each astronaut works and lives with the others, in the long journey from Earth to Mars and for a lifetime of challenges ahead. Psychological stability, the ability to be at your best when things are at their worst is what Mars One is looking for. If you are the kind of person that everyone chooses to have on their island, then we want you to apply too.

Applicants need to be at least 18 years of age, have a deep sense of purpose, willingness to build and maintain healthy relationships, the capacity for self-reflection and ability to trust. They must be resilient, adaptable, curious, creative and resourceful. Mars One is not seeking specific skill sets such as medical doctors, pilots or geologists. Rather, candidates will receive a minimum of eight years extensive training while employed by Mars One. While any formal education or real-world experience can be an asset, all skills required on Mars will be learned while in training.

Suzanne Flinkenflögel, Director of Communications at Mars One offers, “Well before the official Astronaut Selection Program, we received more than one thousand emails from individuals who desire to go to Mars. While they may not yet realize the incredible challenges that lay ahead, this show of support for a global selection campaign is so important to us. We are working hard to launch our selection campaign as soon as possible, to open the doors to everyone who aspires to do something tremendous in their lifetime.

The Mars One Foundation will employ the astronauts during their Earth-based training and life on Mars and will be the manager of the simulation bases on Earth and the human settlement on Mars. Eight robotic cargo missions (2016-2021) will establish a habitable settlement which will welcome the humans upon their arrival to Mars. The final Astronaut candidates will be selected from the global applications through a combination of critical review by Mars One experts and a global, televised program which ultimately selects which set of four astronauts from those assembled will be the first to go to Mars.

To learn more about the selection criteria, visit

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Mars One

Terraforming Mars


Mars is a planet that’s been freeze-dried and bathed in ultraviolet radiation for billions of years.  The average temperature is 63C below zero.  The carbon dioxide atmosphere is as thin as it would be on a mountain three times the height of Mount Everest,  yet NASA scientist Chris McKay thinks humans may one day be living on a Mars with blue skies, oceans, rivers,  and pine forests.  Although that day may be hundreds of years in the future, if money were no object he believes we could do it now, with present day technology.  Award winning writer/producer Mark Davis and legendary Mars animator Dan Maas collaborate with McKay on the first in-depth visualisation of what it would take to turn a cold, dead red planet into a green, living world.

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Would That Not Be Nice

Terraforming other planets in other Star-systems:

At 10% Lightspeed a voyage to nearby stars would still take a century,  so people would either have to hibernate  (Sleeper ship)  or live full lives onboard  (Generation ship)

Well here’s a tune for the next generation that will under take this settlement for mankind.

“Would That Not Be Nice” by Divine FitsDyriia_Mars_Terraforming

Video uploaded by U Tube user Divine Fits


4 responses to “Mars Settlement 2023

    • I have not but the devastation of the moon? I could only think of one thing, final thoughts. The Aroura, Carl Sagan had ideas for Generation-ships which would be fueled by Hydrogen found in space. Hard to imagine being born on a tin can, it would be like a ship at sea and all aboard watching for land and hearing stories of once what was home.

      Two interesting novels, thanks.

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      • I read both this year and in differing ways they were standouts. A little like Arthur C Clarke’s Rama series. Did you read The Martian? I thought it unrealistic but entertaining ( no more). Ah Carl Sagan… some people should live 300 years… I think being born in space may Ben on if part of something greater than us?


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