Europe Map 1000 AD to Present Day


We’re like ants on a hill constantly looking to expand on more ground, you’re looking at 1013 years of human invasion on each other.  Kind of haunting watching this with soundtrack,  Dream is Collapsing by Hans Zimmer.  Wow! a 1000 years in the making unfolds in 3:24.

Some comments from viewers:

“There is a greater darkness than the one we fight.  It is the darkness of the soul that has lost its way.  The war we fight is not against powers and principalities,  it is against chaos and despair.  Greater than the death of flesh is the death of hope.  The death of dreams.  Against this peril we can never surrender.   The future is all around us, waiting in moments of transition, to be born in moments of revelation.  No one knows the shape of that future,  or where it will take us.  We know only that it is always born…in pain.” – G’Quan

If there was a year bar to go along with the frames, that would be even more awesome.-gwho

Poland was a vassal (slave) of Russia since 1709 till 1795 (86 years). Poland was part of Russia since 1815 till 1918 (103 years). Poland became once again slave of Russia in 1944 and remained our bitch till 1989 (45 years). So, basically, Russia owned Poland for how many years? 86 + 103 + 45 = 234! Haha, Poland was Russia’s bitch for 234 years, two and a half centuries! Ahahahahhahah Poland very strong ahahahahah-Eliasz37

In this video only one country amazed me, The Ottoman Empire. Their rise was epic as their fall.-Hittit94

Fall of Poland in 2:23 with this music – EPIC-1000razyja

Gingis khan didn’t really Lose the war… They actually got pretty much all gold in the world! They were the richest country and Had pretty much all they wanted. They where sick of all poser, so they drove ho-Blonk Sponk

I found a Europe map dating from year 1 AD and updates to every 100 year up until the year 2000.

Europe  in year 1

Video uploaded by U Tube user Вени Г.

Lost in a Lost World

I woke up today, I was crying,
Lost in a lost world.
So many people are dying,
Lost in a lost world.
Some of them are living an illusion,
Bounded by the darkness of their minds.

Will we ever learn to get along?

Video uploaded by U Tube user EssentialDegnities  (this film editor loves the Moody Blues and has edited many film clips to their music)


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