Our Outlook Thanks Columbia


It’s been 10 years since the Shuttle Columbia disaster,  (Jan 16 2003)  in this video Remembering Columbia “In Their Own Words”  Payload Specialist Astronaut Ilan Roman who was Israel’s first Astronaut to fly in space,  speaks of looking out over the Earth and seeing a planet with no boarders, could you imagine?   What is it any way that keeps us from having free range like a Mustang pony running a ridge,  wild and free.  We’re not free and our economic monetary system is an illusion for most part for many are with out where everything is around you.  If we were to remove all this Jack Wagon crap from our society as in a me, me, me world there would be more to go around and develop better technology without strings attached.  Take for instance NASA always having to work with a budget like any entity today and making space flight affordable,  think if their budget was limitless?  Where would we be?  Science and R&D always has its hands tied to a budget that only limits our capabilities,  for the planet has the resources but we are limited from those resources at a price.  Remove money from this equation and our limits are unlimited,  were going to have to come to a conclusion that wealth does not fuel our existence.  It is not there for everyone who lives on the planet so what good is it but to count and stack or polish.

Many Astronauts’ say while in space and looking down on the planet gives you a new perspective of who we are on Earth and that is one.  One planet with all life upon it is a larger number than the money in the world today,  its slowing us down not enough to go around.  We have to rethink everything,  the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few or the one.  The planet needs house keeping not owners,  she don’t even know she has been sold to the highest bidder and if she did,  well probably be as mad and tiered as we are getting with what doesn’t work with the rules and regulations laid out that are not followed anyway by the makers of such restraints.

Video uploaded by U Tube user VideoFromSpace


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