Signs in the Heavens


Fidockave213 is a U Tube user from the United Kingdom and for every month now since Feb 2011 has edited clips of extreme  weather occurrences dubbed with an audio track that makes this a little haunting.  He begins his introductions of the clip with the whaling sound of an air raid siren along with a photo expanding of the last solar eclipse viewed from Australia.  A great intro for what you’re going to experience with the correlation of the Book of Revelations and signs in the Heavens.  Seeming to these events one can not help but to feel something is looming in the balance of nature,  kind of leaves you with a modern-day Twilight Zone episode but in here the clips are real.   The theory behind it all,  well that’s up to you.

Many inspiring  comments on the clips he edits and his channel is nearing 8 million hits,  ah Fidockav213,  you have our attention, nice work mate.

Video uploaded by U Tube user fidockave213


2 responses to “Signs in the Heavens

  1. Hi There!

    Interesting video. I don’t buy all of the bible prophecy stuff but people are welcome to their own opinions. To me, the dead animals washing up on the shore is nothing more than a sign of man’s irresponsibility in laying this Earth waste for the sake of money and profit. And unfortunately, other animals have to pay the price for man’s greed. No prophecy needed for that. As for “extreme weather”, well, it’s just weather. Weather happens and it is either strong, moderate, or weak. I do not accept that there is some great prophecy behind it. Furthermore, our planet is in a solar system which is in space which is the universe. Things are bound to come crashing into the front door and sometimes people are in the way. Again, I do not accept that this is some great biblical prophecy to condemn mankind. I do accept that it is shameful of people to use such a thing like the bible to say “I told you so” and using these events to “prove” their point. This planet is amazing with more awesome things happening than we can imagine. Also, instead of focusing on all the doomsday stuff (which people like doing), why don’t we look at what good is happening in the world? There are good things happening in the world. Here’s a few:

    -) GMO-free zones are already in place in countries like Poland, Ireland, Peru, and in places like Northern California. The website “GMO-free Regions by Country” shows all of the different places in Europe and other parts of the world where GMO (genetically modified organisms) are banned making food safer to eat.

    -) The nation of Kenya announced that it has banned ALL Monsanto GMO food from its country.

    -) Despite the economic meltdown in Greece, the town of Volos has adopted an alternative currency to help its citizens muddle through the difficult times.

    -) Citizens of Mountain View, CA have put together a comprehensive website informing people on the dangers of water fluoridation ( and, along with towns in Tennessee have successfully banned water fluoridation in their drinking water.

    There are good things happening. The weather and the sinkholes are just nature’s way of being. Let’s let it do its thing. Be prepared as best you can to deal with the crisis and move on from there. This Earth and its elements are fantastic but avarice and self-righteousness is what’s killing people and these poor animals. Let’s put an end to it and go back to enjoying the Earth. The last thing we need is the justification for more fear.


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