Expedition 35 Commander Chris Hadfield a Space Oddity

"It's all of us"

“It’s all of us”

Aboard the International Space Station,  Expedition 35 Commander Chris Hadfield of the Canadian Space Agency fielded questions about life and research on the orbital laboratory during an in-flight educational event April 16 with students gathered at Lockview High School in Fall River,  Nova Scotia.  Hadfield, who is the first Canadian to command the station,  is scheduled to return to Earth in mid-May after a five-month mission.

Commander Hadfield arrival to the ISS  has pumped up moral of students around the world as he orbits it.  His enthusiasm and technique in responding and demonstrating to students questions,  has shine on NASA’s program and all entities involved in training these unique individuals.  From Commander Hadfield’s  theory,  you once again hear of while orbiting the Earth one sees no boarders.  He explains the physical separation from earth and the 6.5 billion back home where he feels closer to us all.  Commander Hadfield explains,   “aboard the ISS which orbits the Earth  every 92 mins where you can see everything over and over again those barriers  fade,  you definitely get a different perspective living aboard a space station it’s all about us, together in this.  Some have the perspective naturally others will never get it”.

I know one thing for certain with individuals like Commander Hadfield orbiting us,  the perspective of having concern for all is launching,  not yet in orbit with the sync of the Commander’s but we’re clearing the counting tower and thanks for the Boost Sir!

Sure makes us all feel good and proud of the team and that you’re the Commander up there Sir!


Those of who make a first Hadfield

Those of who make a first Hadfield

In April 2001, he served as Mission Specialist 1 on STS-100,  International Space Station assembly Flight 6A.  The crew of Space Shuttle Endeavour delivered and installed Canadarm2,  the new Canadian-built robotic arm,  as well as the Italian-made resupply module Raffaello.  During the 11-day flight, Hadfield performed two spacewalks,  which made him the first Canadian to ever leave a spacecraft and float freely in space. In total,  Hadfield spent 14 hours 50 minutes outside,  traveling 10 times around the world during his spacewalk.

Hadfield is the recipient of numerous awards and special honours.  These include the appointment to the Order of Ontario in 1996 and receipt of the Meritorious Service Cross and Vanier Award in 2001,  NASA Exceptional Service Medal in 2002 and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal in 2003.  In 1988, Hadfield was granted the Liethen-Tittle Award (top pilot graduate of the USAF Test Pilot School) and was named US Navy Test Pilot of the Year in 1991.  He was inducted into Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame in 2005 and Commemorated on Royal Canadian Mint silver and gold coins for his spacewalk to install Canadarm2 on the International Space Station in 2001. Further,  the Royal Military College granted Hadfield an honorary Doctorate of Engineering in 1996 and he was presented with an honorary Doctorate of Laws from Trent University three years later.  Upon his taking command of the International Space Station,  Elizabeth II,Queen of Canada,  sent Hadfield a personal message of congratulations,  stating “I am pleased to transmit my personal best wishes, and those of all Canadians,  to Colonel Christopher Hadfield as he takes command of the International Space Station…”

Boston from Commander Hadfield

Boston from Commander Hadfield

Video uploaded by U Tube user NASAtelevision

Commander Chris Hadfield Jamming from space

First Gig from space Commander Hadfield

First Gig from space Commander Hadfield

The Barenaked Ladies, a children’s choir and the commander of the International Space Station. Put them together and what do you get?  The first space-to-earth musical collaboration.
The song, “I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing) was commissioned by CBCMusic.ca and The Coalition for Music Education with the Canadian Space Agency to celebrate music education in schools across Canada.

Video uploaded by U TUbe use cbcradio3

Going Home

Well the Commander has been on the station for 5 months and it’s time to come home.  I’m sure all on board enjoyed this man as much as the rest of the world and his vids prove it, the only astronaut that has gone viral.  A revised version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity, recorded by Commander Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station.  With thanks to Emm Gryner, Joe Corcoran, Andrew Tidby and Evan Hadfield for all their hard work.

A Canadian Major Tom (Chris Hadfield)

Video uploaded by U Tube user Chris Hadfield

Welcome Back, Expedition 35!

Following the safe landing of their Soyuz spacecraft on the steppe of Kazakhstan near the town of Dzhezkazgan on May 14, local time, Expedition 35 Commander Chris Hadfield of the Canadian Space Agency, Soyuz Commander Roman Romanenko of the Russian Federal Space Agency and NASA Flight Engineer Tom Marshburn were extracted from their capsule by Russian personnel and helped into reclining chairs to begin the process of readapting to Earth’s gravity.  The trio completed 146 days in space and 144 days onboard the International Space Station during their mission.

Video uploaded by U Tube user NASAtelevision


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