The Condition

Hey Pal

Hey Pal

OK you’re in for a treat,  just recently I’ve come to know and team up with an individual as “PERSPECTIVE”,   who not only rants on the conditions that cause divisions in society but helps you understand why in his own words.  Sharing a philosophy can give you a tool of understanding a condition,  the root which creates a mind sink of social actions we take part in our lives.  To many times the world around us fogs the mind where you do not see the truth,  be it coming from media, government bodies, schools, universities and entering the work force of a corporation can all have an effect on the way you think and act.   As history unfolds a division of the masses has been created and the condition that causes this is a fucking mind sink where you’re to believe you hate some country or someone.  It’s too bad for the humans who blow each other away and didn’t even know one another,  just put that head in the iron sights or scope and pull the trigger,  boom pink mist.  I guess that is easier than trying to work together or understanding the condition of differences.   Be that as it may,  it’s important today to utilize any tools you can find that help a thought process for a better understanding to switch off the bullshit.

Duality, Restriction and Division

Video uploaded by U Tube user slipknot


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