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Music Direct auditions scores of amplification products every year, but most of them never see our catalog’s pages.  The amplifiers, preamps, and integrated amps that do make cut?  They have to be extremely special.  This means that they must either set a new benchmark for performance at their price, or be the world’s finest designs. After all, one of these products could live in your system for decades, so we try our best to make sure you get the very best for your money.  Do you remember Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs?  Still spinning some of the greatest listening experience.

Music Direct

Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs

Mono Blocks

Mono Blocks


The new Bob Carver Black Beauty reference monoblocks are some of the most unique of all-tube amplifiers ever made. Designed by the legendary Bob Carver and hand-built in Lexington, Kentucky, these 305-watt Black Beauties are the ultimate reference tube amplifiers.  All point-to-point hand-wired, the Beauties will grab hold of any loudspeaker in the world and produce the most organic, musical presentation you have ever heard.  These uniquely engineered amps offer tremendous power, but without the hassles usually associated with older tube designs.  It has an ultra-wide bandwidth output transformers with interleaved windings capable of the most nuanced voice as well as huge peak output capacity.  Selectable feedback control allows the user to change the sound of the amplifier from vintage classical to modern contemporary.


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