This is Deep

Where you might fit in

Where you might fit in

The lighter side of life, for whom the bell tolls, where do we go?  Like many you have love ones, friends, pets maybe even a hero like the poor souls who just passed in the Arizona wildfire with no escape knowing you’re going to die.  That’s just it we’re all going to die but how did you live your life?  One thing for sure it seems no matter what type of person you are death can be violent or passive like one passing in sleep, seems to be the most peaceful.  Now the nineteen caught in the wildfire, these souls trying to save others and people’s homes but instead get burned alive and in believing in God one might say where was God?  Well he could have been the rancher warning the men before they went in saying if the fire comes over the hill down into the valley where some timber had not burned in 40 years she is going to explode, a sign? maybe.  It’s puzzling  how some can walk the planet and have no respect for life while others risk their own life and they do not even know the person in which they serve and most certainly that person didn’t ask.

When I heard this song Hallelujah by Constance Demby I couldn’t help to think about all the people and pets I knew in my own life that no longer exist, or do they?  This life is very ,very short and if your of the ones who screws people’s lives up, might want to rethink your game.  Now that’s something to think about because can you remember the last 4.5 billion years?  Probable not, one life to live, would be a good idea to live it well by the help of others given upon yourself.  Seems there’s more to life than just living, like I said you probably love something no matter who you are and you’ll miss it when it’s gone.  Lets say it was only one entity you loved that had a beating heart and your left behind, the world becomes a lonely place one becomes bitter, for the simple fact you only loved one thing and now being alone is a slow death.  The support of life comes from family, friends and pets.  Creating enemies only darkens your life’s path because not only in natures way will you die but your enemy also is in the shadow of the Reaper, kind of a double whammy, wise choice.  But if some must be a jagoff their welcome to it, life is short and others will be glad when their gone, sad for that individual, will not be missed.

No real record here of where your going to go when you die, up, down, middle ground, ghost, spirit, angel and or demon I guess that’s every bodies personal Dear Diary, today I’m a jagoff and still am or I was fighting 40ft flames today in Arizona and the crew and I were over taken by  flames, I was really trying to make a difference.  Be sure for yourself there is a difference in what path you choose, don’t believe me?  Just look up at the vastness at night and can you remember the last 4.5 billion years?

For whom the Bell Tolls, that’s everything and everyone.

Video uploaded by U Tube user Knut Elch


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